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TSO Digital Media, a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Gilbert, Sees Growth In 2020 Calendar Year


TSO Digital Media works with clients to develop their digital strategies via SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), web services and social media to connect with both B2B and B2C audiences. With advertising services ranging from website design & development, branding, search engine optimization and e-commerce management, TSO Digital Media has been a major participant in the digital marketing space over the last couple of years. The agency’s clients range from budding entrepreneurs to national companies, and approximately 80 percent of them are e-comm or local service companies.

“Most electronic marketing and SEO agencies, who dedicate a lot of their time and resources to local marketing, don’t have the experience of actually owning and running a local organization. I understand what it takes to drive traffic, leads and revenue into local businesses and e-commerce shops because I have done it before and I continue do it today for friends and family across the nation. It really makes a huge difference.”

TSO Digital Media has doubled its customer base this year. Most of their new customers are local companies, like psychiatrists, mobility service providers, pest and weed control companies, and even local flight schools to name a few. They all implemented some sort of messenger bot and paid traffic advertisements in their strategies. This drives traffic to their sites and supports their longer-term SEO goals. The new customers are visiting a 30-40% increase in earnings YTD.

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Although the TSO Digital Media team has primarily been working from home during the pandemic, they still strive to create powerful, interpersonal relationships which really matter to them.

With the implementation of their proprietary Keyword Analysis Method, which utilizes millions of other sites in their ownership to target and provide the highest quality backlinks for their clients’ websites, they’re seeing first page results, often position number 1, in most organic search positions.

TSO Digital Media has been recognized as one of the Best SEO & Online Marketing Agencies in the East Valley. TSO Digital Media is an online marketing agency with an exceptional search engine optimization gift and a passion for helping brands meet their prospective customers online. Nowadays people seeking local or national services enter search terms on Google to seek a solution. The top 3 organic results get the vast majority of those calls. TSO Digital Media reaches those top positions for their clients.

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