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Seven Horror Novels That Aren’t Your Typical Scares


Vampires, werewolves, zombies — everybody is aware of the archetypes. It takes some effort to make them scary anymore.

Particularly after the horror that’s Twilight.

Thankfully, there are many novels from the previous few years with contemporary takes on in any other case drained horror tropes. Listed here are a few of the greatest of those books that will provide you with a scare — and make you assume — this Halloween.

Seven Horror Novels That Aren't Your Typical Scares

The Lady With All of the Items

By M. R. Carey

We had sluggish zombies for many years, and after they stopped being scary, all people switched to quick zombies. Regardless, they have been nonetheless senseless, horrors pushed solely by starvation. In Carey’s gorgeous The Lady with All of the Items, the zombies are clever. Properly, a few of them are. The novel follows Melanie, a lady with a genius-level IQ who’s stored in a safe English army base because the zombie apocalypse rages. Strapped into her chair and never permitted any human contact throughout college, she is studied by scientists attempting to find out why she and her “hungry” classmates haven’t misplaced their minds like the opposite zombies. It is a deeply profound and unsettling tackle the zombie novel that was made into an equally glorious, and sadly ignored, movie in 2016.


By Mira Grant

It isn’t the supply materials for the award-winning 2019 Korean movie, however in Parasite, Grant (the horror alter-ego of award-winning fantasy writer Seanan McGuire) provides one other contemporary tackle the zombie style with this story of miracle cures gone awry. A pharmaceutical firm has engineered a symbiotic tapeworm that gives miraculous well being to its hosts, just about eliminating illness. The issues start when the tapeworms begin exerting management over their hosts.

Seven Horror Novels That Aren't Your Typical Scares

The Witches of Lychford

By Paul Cornell

The longtime boogie-women of fairytales, what with the gingerbread homes and turning individuals into newts, witches have loved rehabilitation of late and aren’t significantly scary anymore. And neither are the titular trio on this current story from Physician Who writer Paul Cornell. The English village of Lychford sits on the intersection of supernatural worlds and is going through a strong menace. Judith, the native curmudgeon, recruits Lizzie, the brand new city vicar, and Autumn, the proprietor of a New Age store, to kind a coven and defend their hamlet from this final evil, a sequence grocery store trying to transfer into the village.

Seven Horror Novels That Aren't Your Typical Scares


By Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Or perhaps witches aren’t so rehabilitated in any case. This award-winning Dutch writer’s American debut provides a terrifying take a look at a small city haunted by the Black Rock Witch, a 400-year-old ghost whose eyes and mouth are sewn shut. The townspeople stay in concern of her being caught by her — and of her being found by outsiders. They’re additionally trapped within the city by her curse. Initially printed within the Netherlands in 2013, the novel was rewritten for English audiences and printed stateside in 2016.

The Passage

By Justin Cronin

Cronin’s vampires aren’t the attractive, sparkly variety. They’re not even the gothic romantics of earlier generations. The product of presidency supersoldier experiments, the immortal creatures of Cronin’s acclaimed trilogy reign over a post-apocalyptic America, a nuclear wasteland with dwindling teams of human survivors. One of many unique take a look at topics, an orphan named Amy who was contaminated as a baby, turns into an unlikely savior to the human race as she leads them in opposition to the unique 13 take a look at topics.

The Devourers

By Indra Das

Werewolves are all the time alleged to be English, proper? That is why it’s important to keep off the moors. In his debut novel, nonetheless, Das takes this British horror creature and transplants him into India. He even jokes about his creature’s heritage. The Devourers follows Alok, a younger historical past professor in fashionable Kolkata, who’s enlisted by a stranger claiming to be half-werewolf to transcribe his life story. The result’s a brutal and thought-provoking examination of colonialism, race, and gender roles.

We Are All Fully Fantastic

By Daryl Gregory

What’s extra terrifying than going through an Eldritch Abomination? In line with Gregory, attending a assist group with others who’ve survived encounters with Eldritch Abominations. Daryl Gregory’s award-winning We Are All Fully Fantastic paperwork one such group. Organized by Dr. Jane Sayer, a therapist who could also be hiding secrets and techniques of her personal, the quintet of survivors face their metaphorical demons, and in doing so unlock the actual horrors behind their respective nightmares, which may very well be interrelated. Gregory additionally wrote a YA prequel, that includes the novel’s damaged monster hunter, Harrison Harrison. Harrison Squared follows the protagonist as a highschool scholar attending a brand new college that owes so much to Lovecraft’s mythos, and is significantly extra light-hearted.

(This text appeared in 2017 and has been up to date.)