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OSRS Bonds: Membership Benefits


There are two types of MMO games- free and pay-to-play. The problem with the latter is that it could break your wallet, but there’s an easy solution: Free To Play (F2P) worlds! Old School RuneScape has a system where players can try out different F2P worlds before committing to one world for purchase so they know what kind of game they want without risking their money on something else entirely.

You can become a RuneScape member by exchanging your OSRS bonds for membership.

What Do I Get with Membership?

OSRS has a membership system that will open up tons of new quests, locations, skills, and abilities to members. Memberships also give you access to more minigames than free-to-play players can enjoy.

More Quests

Quests are one of the most important aspects of any role-playing game. From helping players level up their character and skills, quests also help tell a story about the world around them. There is an abundance of quests in Old School Runescape; however, members only have access to over half that number.

Access to More Locations

You can do more and discover new lands. Higher-level skills like teleportation make it easier to travel long distances on the higher levels, while spirit trees are used for quick transportation in heavily forested areas.

More Skills

Eight skills are available in OSRS for members only. These include agility, construction, farming, fletching, herblore hunting, and slayer which allow players to access previously inaccessible areas as well as alternate entrances/exits or shortcuts that they can’t otherwise access. Construction also lets them create their own house with ammunition and ranged weapons while Herblore gives the ability to craft different potions (potions). Farming allows individuals a chance at new equipment such as seeds like avantoe or bergamot seed pods – but these items are not accessible without this skill set either. A player’s hunter abilities unlock special weaponry too: hunters need crossbows if you want some distance between themselves from an enemy when fighting it up close; alternatively bows

Better Abilities

Free-to-play gamers can only raise their skills to level 99, though the higher levels unlock vast capabilities. Members are able to use dragon armor and weapons at level 60, but they’re limited in what those items offer unless you become P2P.

More Equipment

Players who aren’t members of RuneScape have the opportunity to obtain some equipment but are limited in what they can do with it. The most common example is dragon gear as well as barrows and granite armor sets for higher-level players.

More Minigames

The mini or solo games that are available only to Runescape members provide new opportunities for people who want a challenge. There are 29 OSRS minigames with different levels and competition types in order to make it an immersive experience.