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Home Fires Are One Of The Biggest Reasons To Carry Property Insurance

Sep 30


A property fire can be a devastating and potentially life-threatening experience. Losing your home and possessions due to a fire can change your life and potentially ruin your finances. Home insurance for property fires is one of the best ways to ensure you and your possessions are covered. "We hear this time of year that home fires are the number one cause of property damage," says Andy Jones, an insurance professional with All-State. "House fires are also one of the main reasons people should carry home insurance."

Jones goes on to say, "A person can give everything they own in the world for just $50 per month. Home insurance is relatively cheap when you consider what it could save you if your home was ever ruined by fire!"

When asked about how people typically react to her statement about paying only $50 mo for home insurance, he responded "People usually say 'wow' or 'that's a lot less money than we expected, but then I always ask them why they think it's so cheap and no one has ever had a good answer."

"It's amazing how many people do not have home insurance. If their house burned down, they would lose everything and could be financially ruined for years to come," said Jones.

Jones was asked what the best way is to find out if you are carrying home insurance on your home or on your possessions. "The best way is to call different insurance carriers in your area and ask them what they offer. Compare prices and coverage until you find something that works for you."

Jones continued on by saying, "Even $50-60/mo can add up over time when it comes to property loss! Think about all of the electronic equipment you cannot live without, jewelry, furniture... even clothes! Not to mention, the expense of rebuilding and restoring your property". Having insurance allows your property to be restored by a restoration contractor or builder, often a process that can take several months.

"I always recommend that property owners should have property insurance, even if they are renting their home. You can never be guaranteed that you will not lose your security deposit for some reason or another."

When asked about how to find out what is covered in the policy Andy Jones responded by saying "That depends on the individual company and can vary greatly. The best way is to read it yourself, but many people do not like doing that because insurance terms are complicated and hard to understand."