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Are Roofing Warranties Transferable? A Detailed Discussion

Apr 18


As stated earlier, the ability to transfer a roofing warranty to an owner who is new is contingent on the warranty contract.

Transferable warrants typically require strict rules to make sure that the transfer is completed right.


In some cases there are costs that is incurred when the warranty is transferred from the original owner to the new owner.


There are many warranty transfer methods that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even within product categories. The effectiveness of a transfer depends on whether it is completed within the specified period of time after the house has been sold.


Did you know? Many roofing companies offer a transferable warranty to their customers on all shingle products. The roofing company treesdale PA will guide you about this issue very clearly.


Transferring a Warranty on a Roof

A few important points to take note of concerning a transfer are:


Most warranties are only transferable only once. Therefore, in this case, only the second person who owns the roofing item can profit from the roofing warranty. The warranty cannot be transferred to any other owners.

Some manufacturers might be charged a small amount to transfer the warranty the homeowner who will be replacing it.

Certain components' warranty coverage may be lessened depending on the age when the roof was put up.

To better understand the process of transferring warranty we will review the process within an imagined scenario involving products made of shingle. Keep in mind that every manufacturer is different, so this scenario only will help you understand what you'd take in the case of a roofing warranty.


Let's take the example of the purchase by you of a single-family detached house. Congrats! You are now the new owner. This is a scenario that you should discuss with a treesdale pa roofer.


You're lucky that the roof of the house you bought came with an Standard Product Limited warranty.


Three essential things to remember when you transfer a warranty.


Deadlines. Within 60 days after closing you must provide all necessary paperwork and a request for a transfer.

Ownership history. It is common to find evidence of ownership information on a county's website or via building permits. There are other documents:

A copy of the deed, or

Closing papers that list the names of the owner prior to it and the new owner as well dates of property's transfer.

The date the installation was completed as well as evidence of purchase. It is important to determine the date that the shingles were installed because the warranty in force is contingent on the date the shingles were installed.

Hopefully, the seller kept the original documents for their warranty and/or contractor agreement. You might need to reach out to the contractor responsible for installation to get the copy of the agreement.


If you've got the information you require, contact roofing contractors pittsburgh pa or use the internet to send it within 60 days of the closing of the real estate deal.


The logic behind the above rules is easy to understand. This documentation is required so that you are able to prove that you're the owner of the shingles or roofing products and not the third, fourth and so on. To confirm that their products were applied to your roof.

How can homeowners help with warranty transfers?

As you can see, correct record-keeping can make the warranty transfer relatively simple. If your roofing job is complete, make sure you sign up your warranty following the guidelines of the manufacturer. Then, securely store all of the paperwork required, and a copy the warranty. It will be easier for the homeowner who is moving in, to complete the warranty transfer.


What happens if the seller doesn’t have the warranty documentation

If you're buying a house and the previous owner didn't keep exact records, it's possible for you to transfer the warranty. In order to prove your purchase you must first contact the seller or contractor. Also, you should provide the month and year that the shingles were put in.


Steadfast Roofing can help you find other options if efforts to find the information have failed. In the past, this must be done within 60 days after the conclusion of the real property transaction.


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