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Discovering Water Leaking Through Your Concrete Foundation

Jan 6

Finding water leaking through your foundation can be damaging, inconvenient, and dangerous.

It may come as a surprise to you that water seeping through your concrete foundation is not an uncommon problem. While it's true water has the potential to wreak havoc on what might normally be considered sound footing for your home, there are things you can do to find water leaking through concrete slab foundations.

So, how do you discover water leaking through concrete slab foundations?

If you think water might be seeping under the concrete in your basement or another area of your home, here are some clues to look for:

Frequently wet areas next to walls where water regularly gathers - these areas should dry out after heavy rains but if they don't you could have water seeping through concrete foundation.

Wet areas with water pools on top, water that appears to be coming out of the ground - this is your first clue that water leaking through your concrete foundation may be an issue.

Cracking or chipping in painted areas near water leaks - water leaking through concrete slab foundations usually causes damage over time, not all at once.

The appearance of water droplets on undisturbed dust (such as what you might see if you took a picture with your phone) - water leaking through the concrete foundation can cause dampness many feet away from where it actually enters under the home.

Emergency Plumbers Can Assist With Moisture Detection To Find Broken Pipes Enclosed By Concrete

The fact water is leaking through your concrete foundation might be the only clue you have that water is running behind walls or under floors - but don't panic.

While water in any one area of your home might seem like a big problem, it's not always easy to determine just how much water is actually getting in. After all, water already exists in nature so even if water leaks are causing rising damp there could still be enough moisture inside the walls to prevent standing water problems.

If emergency plumbing services find water seeping through concrete slab foundations, they'll explain what kinds of risks you need to know about and discuss solutions based on their findings.

For instance, if water pools around windows or doors this might indicate serious structural issues requiring an emergency plumber; water leaking through a concrete foundation can be as simple as a drain line clog or as dangerous as water flooding an entire wall cavity.

If you think water leaks may be the problem, don't wait to call emergency plumbing services because water leaking through a concrete foundation is not necessarily an immediate danger and it could take professional help to determine if the source of water is inside or outside your home.

Rather than checking for water leaks every day (a good idea if you find water seeping through the concrete foundation), contact emergency plumbers who can detect moisture down to a very low level and provide important information about how water under pressure works within the confines of your home's structure.

Contacting emergency plumbing services will help you locate water seeping through the concrete foundations and take the necessary steps to solve water leaks.

Pipes beneath concrete slabs can deteriorate over time - water running through these pipes, even water that's been slowed by a water softener, may lose its ability to flow freely. When water is not moving quickly enough it will cause damage if left undetected for a long period of time. Pipes can corrode or rust from moisture building up inside them but water leaking through concrete foundations is also caused by efflorescence – crystalline deposits caused by minerals in water coming into contact with concrete surfaces at a very high water pressure during heavy rainstorms or as a result of hard water build-up. If you think water leaking through the foundation might be the source of the water, emergency plumbers can detect water leaks and provide a solution for water leaking through the concrete foundation.

Concrete slabs are water resistant but water may collect on the surface of concrete foundations, especially if water drains towards them during heavy rains - this water eventually evaporates so it's not usually considered an immediate problem. However, water seeping through the concrete foundation is actually water coming from behind walls or under floors and it can be caused by many different factors. Water leaks that cause dampness in rooms far away from where the actual water entry point is located could also indicate broken pipes within interior walls and emergency plumbing services will look at all areas to determine what exactly has happened and how the problem might be solved over time.