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Highly anticipated North Gaia EC is coming to Yishun town in 2022

Dec 11

North Gaia EC. We review it. It's a new condominium in the North of Singapore that will be available to purchase in the first six years. The demand is very high.

Sing holdings Limited, a local builder, is building North Gaia's executive condo at the corner Yishun Avenue 9 & Avenue 8Sing holds have built many residential developments like Parc Botannia.

North Gaia EC Locator Map

A new executive condo has been built in Yishun Estate, once far from the capital. There have been increased interest in areas further afield, such as Sembawang or Woodlands, and the opening of Parc Canberra EC.

Some of this has been attributed to both the expansion of the expressway network, and the proliferation MRT lines that run through the islan

North Gaia EC can not be reached by MRT. The condo Symphony Suites is across Yishun Avenue 8 from .

The closest MRT station in Yishun to the town centre is located at 1.6km down Yishun Avenue 9 and connects with the main shopping area in Yishun. This cluster is located around Northpoint City or Golden Village Yishun. There are feeder buses that serve this area.

Station to platform is 9 stations along North-South lines. It takes 26 minutes for the route from Yishun Road and Orchard Road. Transitlink indicates that there are 4 stations on the North-South line to Raffles place, which takes 35 minutes.

The trip to the town takes 15 minutes, even with the feeder bus.

Driving is quicker. This should make it easier and more efficient to drive on the CTE.

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North Gaia EC Amenities

Yishun - a well-established HDB property offers a wide range amenities for all ages. You can even find nature parks.

It is an amiable township with a vibrant population. Many new amenities have been added to the area, including new shopping malls, cycling routes for children, hawker centers and better transport infrastructure.

HTML9_ Junction Nine, the closest neighborhood shopping center, was finished in 2017. Northpoint City - An integrated development in the centre of the town that featured the first Community Club located inside a shopping area was also completed in 2017.

Northpoint City is the largest mall located in Singapore's north. It houses over 500 stores and has an underpass that connects it to the Yishun MRT Station.

Another attraction to Yishun's are its many parks and lush foliage.

There is Yishun Park. It also has Yishun Pond. The park connector network connects all the smaller parks, green spaces and areas in the vicinity.

Near the calm waters of Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, you'll find