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Things to Know about Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Nov 19

Things to Know about Commercial Flat Roof Repair

It doesn't matter if you've ever worked on roofing projects. However, flat roofs in commercial buildings require a different approach from other types. Flat roofs have particular requirements. The task of repairing a commercial roof is not always easy. Here are the top five facts you need to know before your business starts to repair a flat roof.


Find out why your roof slopes.


Most people don’t consider why flat roofs are common on commercial buildings. What benefits does flat roofing offer to a building's owners? You can find them in every type of commercial building from grocery stores to industrial plants to hospitals. A majority of residential structures have flat roofs.


Although cost-effectiveness is probably the most important reason, there are many more. Sloped roofs can be a good option if your structure must be functional and not too flashy. One reason commercial buildings should have flat roofs is the fact that most towns have strict construction height limits. If your roof is flat, it will optimize the space you have. The aesthetics of all this are also important. Imagine your local grocery shop trying out a sloped roof.


A flat roof will not be flat. It should always have at most a slight tilt to allow for water drainage.


Learn more about flat roofing for commercial use.


It's not easy to order commercial flat roofing when you are erecting business structures. There are many different flat roof types to choose from. There are many flat roof options available. It all depends on your budget and needs. But, drainage is an important aspect. Here are some options:


  • Roof with a Builtup System (BUR).


The built-up roof system (sometimes called the "tar gravel" roof by others) was one of the most popular types of commercial flat roofing for many decades. This roofing system is one of the oldest, and it is still widely used today. This roof is constructed from layers of asphalt paper, tar, and other materials. Fiberglass matting is used to reinforce the layers of roofing material. Finally, a thin layer with tar is applied to the roof's crown. This is followed by an aggregate stone layer.


These roofs have many benefits including their durability, which can last as long as 50 years with regular maintenance. But the biggest drawbacks to this type of roofing is their high cost and omissions. This flat commercial roofing system requires a lot of labor and is very expensive.


  • Roof with metal panels


If you want to save money, and aluminum roofing portland system that provides a panel roof might be the best option. It is essentially a metal panel system with a sealant between the joints. The sealant also seals any washers. These roofs are very affordable and last a very short time so they are often used in factories or warehouses.


  • Plywood single


Single-ply has become a popular option in the business despite being relatively new. The UV-resistant, the lightweight synthetic membrane is laid in one layer. Single-ply roofing may be relatively inexpensive depending on what type of membrane is used and how much preparation it requires. It will last approximately the same amount of time, depending on the thickness.


  • Recognize Your Warranty


Most commercial roofs have a warranty that covers them after construction. Your warranty can cover you for anywhere between five and twenty-five years. Minor repairs will not be required if the roof is still under warranty. Other more serious problems, and some rare circumstances, might not be addressed. If you live inside an older building, you may not be covered. Examine and understand the guarantee that covers your roof (if one exists).


  • Repairing Minor Problems


Now that you are familiar with the different types of flat commercial roofs and how they function, let us look at some minor issues. Leakages can occur on both commercial and residential roofs. In certain cases, you may be able to solve the problem yourself. But in most cases, it is best to seek the advice of a professional.


A leak is one example of a common problem in commercial flat roofing. You should locate any leaks in your building's roofing immediately. This may be simple or more complicated depending on the location. Tape around the leak in one direction and tape the other.


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