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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for More Space

Nov 19

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for More Space


Here are some things you should consider when remodeling your bathroom. Also, here are some small bathroom remodeling ideas Wilmington NC suggestions to get you going.


What is the best way to remodel a small bathroom in a modern style?


It is essential to think about the function, appearance, fixtures, storage, as well space available.


Considerations and requirements of structural design

A full bath needs at least 36-40 square footage. The room must measure 5 feet in one direction to fit a tub. Showers must be 32x32 in. These dimensions are required by building codes. But, if you have the space, a bigger shower is better. Just make sure that the shower is large enough so you can reach your elbows and bend over.


No matter how small or large a bathroom is, there are certain essentials that must be included.


  • Low-flow toilets should be installed

Low-flow toilets should be standard in bathrooms that are new or being renovated. They require 1.6 gallons to flush each time. The bowl is cleaned by pressure-assisted loos with one flush. However, they are noisy. It may take two flushes for gravity models to clean the bowl.


  • A good ventilation system is essential.


The proper ventilation will ensure that moisture doesn't get trapped in the bathroom, which can cause mold and mildew to grow. You can extract moisture by setting a timer on your ducted exhaust fans. The fan can be set for as long as 15 to 60 minutes to extract heat, steam, and condensation. Consider how much air the fan moves per minute.


  • Ambient and task-specific lighting is important for completing the job.


A good lighting system is necessary for all types of grooming. You should consider both task-specific as well general lighting. A single ceiling-mounted fixture seems to belong in a locker, so multiple recessed ceiling lights are almost invisible. You can place a light fixture either in the bathroom or above the tub. Avoid fluorescent light bulbs as they can cause the skin to change color.


Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

These easy ideas will help make your bathroom feel larger and more inviting.


1. Install a pocket-sized door first.


Pocket doors slide on a track within walls and do not open inwardly. This eliminates the need for an external-swinging door and frees up space in the bathroom.


2. Have a look at glass showers


Clear glass shower doors make it appear larger by removing visual obstacles.


3. The Toilet is a Space-Saver


There are many options to save space when changing the toilet. The first option is to have the tank concealed within a wall-hung unit. This will leave 9 inches space in the room’s center. Another option is to install a toilet niche into the wall. This will reduce the footprint of the toilet.


4. To allow more light to enter, increase the size and shape of your windows.


A dark bath can be made more spa-like by expanding an existing glass. It will just show off your hard work in the bath. Another option is to install a skylight, which will visually enlarge your room and add elegance.


5. Pedestal sinks available in Opt-In or Out


Pedestal sinks are able to save or waste space depending upon the layout of your bathroom. They are an excellent choice if you want to make some floor space. They do not offer as much storage as a vanity cabinet. Consider adding open shelves or tile-lined alcoves to your bathroom if it is lacking in storage. Cabinetry should be 16 or 18 inches in depth, instead of the usual 21 inches.


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