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How often should you have massages?

Nov 16

How often should you have massages?

By Massage Mesa

Massage for Relaxation or General Health: This massage would be a great option for people who aren't active enough to exercise often. Massage therapy is a great way to improve your overall health and stress levels.


Massage for Stress Management - This is a great option for anyone who works in stressful situations or lives in difficult places, as well as those who travel frequently. This can help people with stress. Regular massages can reduce tension in stressful situations. It can be comforting to find out that you will receive massage therapy every other or every week.


Massage Therapy for the Management and Reduction of Pain

To manage and reduce pain, you need a different frequency. Sometimes called "diminishing frequency". If severe pain is not a concern, massage therapy may be used. Depending on how the client responds, this may continue for the second and third weeks. As the pain subsides massage therapy will become less frequent. Initially, it may only be once per week. After that, it could drop to every other weekend or less frequently.


Massage Therapy for Sporting Athletes

The frequency at which athletes massage will depend on their sport, training, and goals. A massage therapist can help athletes design a massage therapy plan that meets their specific needs.


Mothers: Every three Weeks - Once per Monthly

Being a mom is a challenging job. Motherhood can be stressful. It is difficult to relax and take a break from the constant stress of raising young children. Monthly massages are an excellent way to relax moms. This is an excellent way to get rid of tension caused by the physical demands of being a mother.


Injuries: This depends on the extent, the location, and the time of the injury.

Massage therapists have a wide range of massage techniques that can be used to treat injury. Massage can help heal soft tissue injuries by improving circulation, scar tissue reduction, and increasing range of motion. You will need to have your first massage session with the therapists to determine how often you should have it done. Also, this will be determined according to the instructions given by your insurance referral. For the healing process to take place, injured massage clients usually visit once per week.


Chronic pain: This all depends on the person.

A massage is an excellent option for chronic pain sufferers. It reduces pain and calms the nervous system. Chronic pain clients can get a massage at the frequency that suits their needs, as each client is an individual. Some clients who suffer from chronic pain visit their massage therapist once a week to help manage their symptoms. Others might come in every two or three weeks. Your massage therapist may recommend treatment depending on the results from their first session.




It is a wonderful way to pamper yourself, but not all massages are affordable. There are many ways to make massage more affordable. Our office offers massage packages that can be purchased online and at our offices. We also have monthly member programs and occasional promotions that allow you the opportunity to try new types of treatments without making a commitment. It's risk-free to try something new.

It depends on how many sessions you require and how much money you have available.


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